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Saturday, May 31, 2014

ink on paper mounted in ledger, 
w. oil stains from facing page      9 x 12"
(a secret block for a secret person in newark)


Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Photo assembled by Sur Rodney Sur

Somewhat Portable Dolmen  
Le Petit Versailles Garden

March - April 2014



Glen Fogel, Jack Waters, Rafael Sánchez, Hunter Reynolds, Sur Rodney Sur

SRS: Yesterday at LPV posted though facebooking today • (LEFT) Sur's viewing Rafael with camera • (RIGHT) Rafael's viewing Sur with iPad — with Rafael Sånchez.

RS: Rolling R's. Dolmen as camera.... Exquisite portrait of a moment.

SRS: we were photographing within seconds of each other.

RS: Yes, now I see. At the time however I didn't know... i was fascinated that you were holding a Red R on its side.




R / K
Lovett / Codogogne

Sunday, March 16, 2014

R/K 2013 FutureMark interview

Philip L. McKenzie

Artists Rafael Sánchez ( b. Havana, Cuba 1960 ) and Kathleen White ( b. Fall River, Mass.1960 )are partners and collaborators living and working in New York City. They met through their affiliation with Participant Inc where they each had one person exhibitions in 2004. Their TABLE project, an ongoing outdoor book record tape vending project has been featured through various incarnations in a variety of articles and exhibitions including Bouble-Bill at Art in General in 2010. In 2011 their Somewhat Portable Dolmen was a nomadic feature in El Museo del Barrio’s biennial The (S) Files. The artists are founders and co-editors of alLuPiNiT , the new york city environ mental magazine, which was featured in 2012 at the Museum of Modern Art exhibition Millennium Magazines. Mr. Sánchez’ Tracings, drawings from the TABLE, will be featured in Visual AIDS’ 25th year anniversary exhibition, Not Over in July 2013. Ms. White and Mr Sánchez have referred to their process as “the playful intersection of research, poetry and a private theater revealed through works of urban gardening.”

Q. Tell me about your journey as
A. Each artist, if they work
collaboratively is an individual. You
create objects. You create things. But
you have to be comfortable with the
idea of letting go. At some point you
have to release yourself in the world.
In that respect, artists have to be very
comfortable with a shifting concept of
what ownership means.

Q. Do you feel people are resistant to
A. I wouldn’t say people are resistant.
I think people like the idea of
permission. There is a tug of war as
it pertains to ownership and part of
that is being asked for the rights to
something. In a simple way, it’s just
nice to be asked whether you can use
something that belongs to someone
else rather than just taking it.

Q. How does copyright effect artist?
A. Well it’s interesting, visual artist lack
the ability to copyright in the same
way that other type of artist can. A
visual artist has to be comfortable with
the idea of loss. I have ownership
perhaps during the process of creation
but after that I have to put it into the
world. That’s the whole point. At what
point is it inspiration and is strictly
used for someone’s gain. Copyright
is a hard line in the sand that doesn’t
apply in the same way to what we
visual artist do.

Q. How do you balance this idea of
continuous loss when it comes to your
A. Figuring out the balance of living
with your creativity in this world is a
better way to think of it than loss. The
idea of art is similar to a flower…
once a flower blossoms and is out
in the world..then it is subject to the
elements…physical dangers and
societal perils….and also the benefit
of those things i.e. love….the best
thing an artist can hope for is that the
work can be shared and taken care
of i.e. museums and institutions….most
art blossoms in the elements…whether
those elements are good or bad they
are part of the process.

Q. When you mention the beneficial
elements it sounds like you are
invoking elements of stewardship.
A. I think I am. The type of benefit that
comes from the elements is part of
stewardship. Taking care of the work
and valuing it for those that come
after you. Gaudi’s work is a great
example of that. He set the wheels in
motion for this incredible work of art,
this monument. Each year over likely
generations artists, builders continue
to add to his vision. They change it,
alter it, but their contribution serves to
protect it in many ways.

Q. Is there an example of this in your
current work?
A. Yes, definitely. We have two great
examples. One is informal, which is
our book project. Every so often we
set up a vendor’s stand outside our
gallery and sell some really interesting
books. Many of them are beautiful
and are works of art in their own
respect. But we have so many and
the goal is not to hoard them but to
take from the, chart our time with them
and then release them. In many ways
we are the stewards of these books.
We actually trace images from the
books and keep them. So in many
ways we have lingering ghosts if you
will of these amazing books that serve
as a reminder of their time here with
us. The other more formal project is
our Somewhat Portable Dolmen, which
is a moving installation project. We
have had the Dolmen in museums,
punk concerts and even Times Square
and in each environment people
respect the Dolmen. Even if they don’t
understand it there is a curiosity there
and they are stewards of our work in
the way they interact with it.

Q. Do artist play a special role in the
idea of stewardship and ownership?
A. Artists are big influencers in
the movement of space and by
extension of ownership. Influencers
lend their value and there is a high
price being paid for influence. It
isn’t just about participation but it is
about the conversation that is being
had around these ideas. In many
ways the artist being strictly paid for
their contribution is the old way of
doing things and it is not a reliable
model. It is the conversation about
the object about the artwork that lasts
beyond the physical object itself. It
is the conversation that is important
and must be sustained and that is
dependent on stewardship. For the
artist to be sustained their work must
be stewarded from one point to the
next at the end of the day the object is
merely symbolic.


Philip L. McKenzie is a writer, 
Founder/Global Curator of Influencer Conference

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Monday, March 3, 2014

V is for Vexillology

VV (named vee /ˈviː/[1]) is the twenty-second letter in the ISO basic Latin alphabet.

Ve : ‘ve  as in we’ve 

A proposed gender-neutral pronoun: (iT)

abbrv. / Venezuela : VE


Vex : vex  (vks)
tr.v. vexed, vex·ing, vex·es
1. To annoy, as with petty importunities; bother. See Synonyms at annoy.
2. To cause perplexity in; puzzle.
3. To bring distress or suffering to; plague or afflict.
4. To debate or discuss (a question, for example) at length.
5. To toss about or shake up.

Vexi : 

!1. a User Interface platform focusing on flexibility and simplicity, primarily for web applications. Vexi is lightweight, cross-platform, cross-browser, easy to learn and yet very powerful. It is an alternative to AJAX/HTML.

No Definition of 'vexi' Found - and it's not a real Scrabble word either!

Vexil : 

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Learn about treatment options for heroin addiction.

vex·il·lum [vek-sil-uhm] Show IPA
noun, plural vex·il·la [vek-sil-uh] Show IPA .
a military standard or flag carried by ancient Roman troops.
a group of men serving under such a standard.
video frequency.
Also, vex·il [vek-sil] Show IPA . Botany . the large upper petal of a papilionaceous flower. See diag. under papilionaceous.
Ornithology Rare. the web or vane of a feather.

Relevant Questions


Color: pinkie fawn (pagan irish)

VEXILI- v. vexil.

Vexill : 
(Latin: flag, flags; standards, banners)

cybervexillology, cybervex (s) (noun); cybervexillologies, cybervexes (pl)
Vexillological (flag) research and/or publications of vexillological information by using electronics, particularly the internet or other electronic delivery systems: "There are many cybervexillologies presented on the internet for those who have a fascination about flags, and who enjoy learning about the history and developments of international flags and their symbolisms."

"His web site emphasized content about cybervexes and their related flag information."

banners or flags

Vexilla regis prodeunt

"The banners of the king come forth" is the title of a hymn on the Passion of Christ, written by Vanantius Fortunatus, bishop of Poitiers (died about A.D. 600) and assigned to Vespers during Passiontide.

Vexilla regis prodeunt,
Fulget crucis mysterium,
Qua vita mortem pertulit
Et morta vitam protulit.

Abroad the royal banners fly
And bear the gleaming Cross on high-
That Cross whereon Life suffered death
And gave us life with dying breath.

A standard-bearer, or under the Roman empire, “the oldest class of veterans”.

vexillary (VEK suh ler" ee), vexillarious (vek" suh LER ee uhs)
1. One of the oldest class of veterans in the Roman army, serving under a special standard. 
2. A Roman standard-bearer; originally, a member of a special Roman military unit under a separate vexillum
3. When used as an adjective, of or pertaining to flags.

vexillation (vek" suh LAY shuhn)
1. In Roman antiquity, a company of troops under one vexillum, detached for special service from a main body of soldiers. 
2. Later, a regular troop of calvary; also, a company of veterans of a legion.

While the earliest flags were vexilloids, the emblem at the top of the staff varied. It might have been the tail of a tiger, a metal vane, a ribbon, a carved animal, a windsock of woven grasses or crude cloth, or a construction combining more than one material. Since kinship, real or imagined, constitutes the principal organizing technique of primitive societies, very frequently we find the animal from which the clan claims descent and for which it is named (that is its totem), as the chief symbol of the vexilloid. The people who carried the totem believed they derived their powers from it; hence, vexilloids very early acquired a religious significance they have never lost (page 37).

Like Roman religion, these vexilloids were not jealous or exclusivistic because official recognition was given in the Roman pantheon to the totemic vexilloids of barbarian troops serving in the Roman army. It was a matter of great surprise to
the Romans when the monotheistic Jews rioted in ca. 26 A.D. upon the introduction of the sacred Roman vexilloids into the Temple on order of Pilate (pages 37-38).

—From Flags trough the Ages and Across the World, 
compiled by Whitney Smith, 1975; McGraw-Hill Book Co. (UK) Limited]

A banner-bearer in a mystery or a miracle play.

vexillatry, vexillolatry
Treatment, or worship, of a flag as a fetish or sacred object.

vexillogical (vek" suh LAHJ jik'l), vexillological (vek" suh luh LAHJ jik'l)
A reference to flags.

A person who designs or makes flags.

An object that functions as a flag but differs from it in some respect, usually in appearance.
Vexilloids are characteristic of traditional societies and often consist of a staff with an emblem, such as a carved animal, at the top.

Vexilloids of the Roman Empire were sophisticated in design and usage. Animals were used on standards until 104 B.C. when the consul Marius ordered the eagle to become the sole standard of Roman legions. Names and wreaths of honor were included on some Roman vexilloids, while in later years the emperors insisted that their portraits be used.
From the word vexillum, the only cloth flag apparently carried by the Romans, is derived the word vexillology, the study of flag history and symbolism.

Flags trough the Ages and Across the World, compiled by Whitney Smith, 1975; McGraw-Hill Book Co. (UK) Limited, side bar on page 36]

vexillologist (vek" suh LAHL luh jist)

One who studies flags.

vexillology (vek suh LAHL luh jee)

1. The study of flags. 

2. The scientific study of the history, symbolism, and usage of flags or, by extension, any general listing of flags.
3. Etymology: from Latin vexillum, a term used by the Romans to refer to a kind of standard with a fabric hung from a horizontal crossbar on a pole. It is the closest equivalent in the classical languages to what we call a flag today.
In his book, Dr. Smith says, "While the use of flags goes back to the earliest days of human civilization, the study of that usage in a serious fashion is so recent that the term for it (vexillology, coined by the author of this book) did not appear in print until 1959. This has resulted in a lack of uniformity in flag terms and, worse still, a lack of source material concerning actual usage on which standardization might be based." (page 12).
—Dr. Whitney Smith, compiler of the book, Flags through the Ages and Across the World, McGraw-Hill Book Company (UK), 1975.

An abnormal desire to collect and have flags.

Anyone who has an abnormal passion for collecting flags.


Vexill Did you mean exile ?


We found one dictionary that includes the word vdxill: 

Art (1 matching dictionary) < vexill-: A Cross Reference of Latin and Greek Elements 

Vexillo : 


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vexillō n

dative singular of vexillum
ablative singular of vexillum

Antirrhinum vexillo-calyculatum is a species of New World snapdragon found only in California and occasionally Oregon.[1] This wildflower is known by several common names, including wiry snapdragon, sailflower snapdragon, and Brewer's snapdragon.The plant twines along other plants or objects with its branchlets. It produces lavender snapdragon flowers 1 to 2 centimeters wide. The flower has a prominent lower lip and it may be streaked with darker purple. This species is most abundant in the low-elevation mountains of northern and central California, where it grows in rocky areas and especially in serpentine soil.


Vexillol : 

Did you mean: vexille ?

There are 8 letters in VEXILLOL :  E I L L L O V X
All anagrams that could be made from letters of word VEXILLOL plus a wildcard: 
Scrabble words that can be created with letters from word 
     5  letter words
      letter words
    VILL VIOL       VOLE
     3 letter words
                                VEX VIE VOE VOX
     2 letter words

     OE OI OX XI


Vexillolo : Vexillolog :
Vexillology :                                              oVe

International Federation of Vexillological Assciations