Feb 15, 2010

AiG shelf, Tuesday 2/9/10

Ours is the journey to be... everpresent. DEATH TO THE PRESENT!!! Ours is the work of memory and ceremony... the work of the camera, the phonograph, and the page. Ours is the work of Nature - ALL revealed to the senses... And ALL forms are potential to serve BEAUTY with our BODIES towards a perfect THEATER. Our colors are tickled by brushes. LIFE TO ALL THAT LIVE!!! Ours is the work of loss, the work of ghosts, the work of fire. Of this we are sure. We are the song! As Night's indifference to the star is the work of our joy. Complete... Nothing. RELEASE!!! The grip of gravity. RELEASE the grip of our flesh. RELEASE the grip of what is known. The smell of dust... so we LOVE. For ours is the work of poetry... and the work of others... and the work of the street... and the garden.... Indeed, as spirals are to the winds and silence is to rain, we are Cahun's bell jar at Ghibertti's door.... For Ours is the work of Children with guns. <> Rafael Sánchez & Kathleen White NYC 2006

AiG shelf, Wednsday 2/10/10