Feb 20, 2010


Started by Rafael Sánchez in 1999 on the sidewalk in front of his apartment, and continued in collaboration with Kathleen White since 2004, BOOKS RECORDS TAPES is a year-round street sale in the tradition of event art such as Happenings and Fluxus. Not limited to the simple curating and exchange of cultural material, the project incorporates a number of publishing and archiving projects, including the self-published magazine alLuPiNiT, now a non-profit organization. BOOKS RECORDS TAPES has at times been referred to by Sánchez and White as ‘TABLE project’ or ‘The Table’ because it functions as a support or proscenium for sculpture, architecture, music, performance and conversation. The many facets of this project share an imperative of reclamation and redistribution in relation to the City.


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