Feb 3, 2012



the new york city environ mental magazine

to be part of Millennium Magazines at MoMA

Pronounced: all up in it, the new york city environ mental magazine will be part of Millennium Magazines curated by Rachael Morrison and David Senior at the Library of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The exhibition, which opens on February 20, is a survey of artists’ magazines published since 2000. It will explore the various ways in which contemporary artists utilize the magazine format as an experimental space for the presentation of works and text.

Throughout the 20th century, the activities of groups and collectives were often codified first in the informal context of a magazine or journal; this exhibition, drawn from the holdings of the MoMA Library, follows the practice into the 21st century and represents MoMA Library’s effort to document, collect and share this medium.

In Reading Room :

Founded and edited by the artists Rafael Sánchez and Kathleen White, alLuPiNiT is black and white, staple-bound 11"x8.5" xeroxed magazine. Sánchez and White joined together in 2004 when they exhibited shows of their work at Participant Inc, NYC that year. They began collaborating on on-going works often executed on the streets of New York City. They also began gathering material and taking notes on important subjects that touched their personal lives but were not getting much attention from which evolved the first issue of alLuPiNiT in 2008. alLuPiNiT became a 501c organization in 2009.

Reflected in the magazine's zine-style format are the artists' awareness of and a resistance to the digital information-age "glut" and an expressed need for a reliable, hands-on, production format standard to survive from generation to generation. The editorial style reflects a consciously provincial approach within a metropolitan situation. alLuPiNiT gathers and gleans material and publishes when they have the circumstances and funds for production and distributes mainly from their bookstand on Hudson Street.

UNIFESTO: Ours is the journey to be... ever-present. DEATH TO THE PRESENT !!! Ours is the work of memory and ceremony... the work of the camera, the phonograph, and the page. Ours is the work of Nature - ALL - revealed to the senses... And ALL forms are for to serve BEAUTY with our BODIES towards a perfect THEATER. Our colors are tickled by brushes. LIFE TO ALL THAT LIVE !!! Ours is the work of loss, the work of ghosts, the work of fire. Of this we are sure. We are THE SONG !!! As Night’s indifference to the star is the work of our joy. Complete... Nothing. RELEASE !!! The grip of gravity. RELEASE !!! The grip of our flesh. RELEASE !!! The grip of what is known. The smell of dust... so we LOVE. For ours is the work of poetry... and the work of others... the work of the street... and the garden.... Indeed, as spirals are to the winds and silence is to rain, we are Cahun’s bell jar at Ghibertti’s door.... For ours is the work of children with guns.

-alLuPiNiT the new york city environ mental magazine, TABLE project, NYC, 2006

Millennium Magazines will be on view in the concourse /mezzanine and library reading room of the Cullman Education and Research building of the Museum of Modern Art, 4 West 54th Street, NYC, from February 20 until May 14, 2012.

Concourse entrance is free.

Library by appointment.

Panel discussion April 9.

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