Mar 1, 2012


Wu Tsang green room @ the whitney

alLuPiNiT @ MoMA through May 14

Vol. 1 featuring Luther Price /
Glitterfat: Fashion Maggot

special reprint edition
available soon

< LP, glitter soap fossil
collection alLuPiNiT

Luther Price: extreme film manipulation @ whitney m. through may 27

Runnining into taser-packing Jaqueline & Daniella (aka. Jackie PoisonPuss & Our Lady of Perpetual PMS) of Juggernut practicing Nunchaku in the 4th floor galleries at the Whitney was tremendous.

Forrest Clemenger Bess
The Noble Carbunkle
oil on masonite
30" x 50"

in for the night /
un-painting # 24 by sánchez-white 42" x 32" © 2011

"Our painting is tomorrow's painting. Watch and see."