Jun 4, 2012

Sunday, Third of June

surveillance screen photo / L train @ Jefferson 10:30 pm :

the Bushwick Starr w / Flako / 8pm :

5pm :

Erje Ayden’s

From Hauptbahnhof I Took a Train

The author and his wife Lisa Holm at Kate Valk’s apartment on
the Lower East Side for drinks and readings.

w / Jim & Ross Fletcher, Scott Shephard, Modesto "Flako" Jimenez :

… Kiralina and I hugging each other like Jon Hall and Maria
Montez underneath the water and we are kissing. Goldfishes
are passing over our heads.
We are kissing.
We are licking each other’s tongues…

… Days go by. I don’t remember anything. Communists all
around us. They are tough mother-fuckers. They fight like it is
important. It probably is…

The renewed interest in and demand for Erje Ayden’s work has made
possible the reprinting of this underground sensation from 1966.

Tom Murrin Memorial @ La Ma Ma ... 2pm :

pic. ... Agusto Machado & Co. !!! x - >