Jul 21, 2012

for a reading yet unread:

Behold !

Where off-spring of malice lay ?

Oh silvery bicycle by hands unknown has



if not for wheels to stand

Then walk with feet this troubled land

And give my blood though time has doubled

Tripled even for my doctor's shovel

Jack and hammer does will distract

Now the third waxing rise impact

The form of general verses rhyme

In time, for meters' heat -still the heart does shine

Below her asphalt gravel stone membrane

Do Yeat's cones, alone regain…

The past triumphant once again

That which youthful pleasures slain

All troubles now but neatly folded

Though populace accrued…

Hop on / hop off and there emboldened

To bus down Seventh Avenue

Towards where a tower's freedom song does


Above there - foot, where a hospital once

belonged... demised

Grant the vision as eyes do fail

Grant the voice that ever wails

In empty caverns of blue skied veils

Yet the conical steep prevails

This transition does avail

To highland melodies, my pale

This morning's rise did so provide

Before the shock of my missing ride

I love you

I love you


Caffeine within the organs waken

Tobacco wisps of air unshaken

While thoughts of those forsaken

By pacts and devils born by three

To Crowley's castled poverty

And Page's haunted symphony

And then by Anger's blasphemy, queer

Did all these thoughts collide

It must be backwards there, she said

Where words combined with daily bread

Of memory with future tidings Be -

reft of all analogy

Of course this means to shift the gear

Upon a dream that hovers dear

By sentence of thy prison here

Where shiny things adhere

To ink of darkened measure

Why ask of dawn what night did speak ?

Why ask of mid-day's tow-truck squeak ?

Why ask confusion's heir to peak

Through logic's faintly treasure ?

T-is for the song once left behind

In the recess of the mind

That candles yet remind

That youth flowered once though

Now remains to serve the plough

It must be backwards there, she said

Of these the poet's tongue you creep

Following your rambles deep

As if there want participate

Of tidings crisp and elongate !

What shores of wafting sleep ?

It must be backwards there, said she

To follow crack, fade or yellow be

For sun shines bright on surface soil

But worms delight for buried toil

Below where bodies leave their souls

To be a rock

And not to roll

And one is all

When all are one

To you at last

The tune will come…

Moon 28

Cone 37 sees

Land's cape, and

Heaven's strange geometry

Wise of nubile forms for sight

Which must I pray insist



Behold !

How everything still turns to gold

And hedgerows bustle by spring's clean queen

yet… m


Harbor pain to broken lock's regret

A stairway…

Heavenly that wonder makes, ooh…

It makes… me… w… what ?

That spokes to tire wheels forget

Not a thief's juicy gut to pierce ?

Digest !

The flame of my appearance

Now by Crowley's hand I summarize
w / verse 76 from The Book of Lies :




O !



Hi !

Y ?


Hail ! all ye spavined, gelded, hamstrung horses !

Ye shall surpass the planets in their courses.

How ? Not by speed, nor strength, nor power to stay,

But by the power that succeeds the Neigh !